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Europe Cruise 2019


From medieval architecture to modern skyscrapers, Europe is an enchanting mix of old and new. Sail under the fjords of Norway, or hike above the five vibrant villages of Italy's Cinque Terre. When you're ready to relax, sip on a frothy pint during a tour of the Guinness Brewery in Dublin or sink your teeth into fresh seafood and ocean views in Baltic capitals like Riga and Tallinn. From the cobalt waters of the Mediterranean to the festive beach towns of England and Wales, and the medieval center of Bergen, Norway, to the innovative boutiques of downtown Stockholm, a new adventure awaits in every European locale. Cruise to Europe and take it slow in coastal towns and charming villages, then find your thrills in the continent's many spectacular cities. STEP INTO A PAINTING The Mediterranean offers its fair share of tasty feta and olives, but delicious wine and sumptuous seafood are only the beginning. Enter a world of unparalleled culture, things to do, history and scenery, from the masterworks of Antoní Gaudi in Barcelona, to Roman architecture along the coasts of France and Italy, to postcard-perfect Mykonos and Santorini, Greece, where the blue domes of white houses match the glistening surface of the sea. DISCOVER THE BEAUTY OF EUROPE Options for cruising in Europe are as diverse as its myriad of destinations. Explore bustling cities, from Monte Carlo and the pristine Mediterranean to Riga and the deep-blue Baltic, as well as scenery that ranges from the limestone cliffs of the Italian peninsula to the pine-laden coasts of Lithuania's Curonian Spit. EXPLORE EUROPE From medieval architecture to modern skyscrapers, Europe is an enchanting mix of old and new


  • Jewel of the Seas®

 Maiden Voyage: May 2004
 Revitalized Date: Apr 2016
 Gross Tonnage: 90,090 tons
 Passenger Capacity: 2,702 guests

  •  Rhapsody of the Seas®

 Maiden Voyage: May 1997
 Revitalized Date: Mar 2012
 Gross Tonnage: 78,491 tons
 Passenger Capacity: 2,416 guests


Civitavecchia is the gateway to all the magnificence of the ancient city
of Rome. Whether it’s the Forum, the Sistine Chapel, the Pantheon or St.
Peter’s Basilica that sparks your interest and intellect, Rome is home to a
lifetime’s worth of historical, architectural and spiritual sites.



Climb the Acropolis, capped by Athens’ crowning glory, the Parthenon.
Enjoy the bird’s eye view of two of Athens’ most famous theatres-the
oden of Herod Atticus and the Theatre of Dionysus.




In the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean lies one of the most inviting
places in all of Greece – Mykonos. Its countless bays and beaches and its
quaint cobblestone streets are bound to welcome any visitor.



Black-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and whitewashed villages that
cling to volcanic cliffs make the island of Santorini a wonder to behold.
Many visitors come to Santorini to uncover the mysteries of the lost kingdom
of Atlantis, while others revel in its relaxed mountaintop atmosphere to
enjoy the scenic waters of the Mediterranean.



Situated on the largest of the Ionion Islands on Kefalonia, Argostoli is
perfect for nature and history lovers. Tour the ruins of St. George Castle,
see loggerhead turtles feeding and take in sweeping views atop its cliffs.



Chaniá is the site of the ancient Minoan settlement the Greeks called
Cydonia (Kydonia), which was mentioned in Virgil’s Aeneid. The site has
been continuously inhabited from Neolithic times-at least 5000 years.
The city’s rich history can be traced through historic buildings and
monuments with Venetian, Turkish and Greek architecture.



One of the oldest and most famous Montenegrin towns is Kotor. The
coastal town is located in a most secluded part of the Gulf of Kotor, at
the foot of mountain Lovcen. Kotor is a typical Mediterranean travel
destination with old narrow streets, romantic bars and restaurants, small
shops, antique monuments, churches and picturesque buildings. Famous
poets and writers have used the beauty of the Bay of Kotor as inspiration
for their works.



Located on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Salerno neighbors Italy’s
cherished Amalfi Coast. One of the larger cities in the area, Salerno is
a lively modern center with a charming medieval sector at its heart. Set
out from Salerno to visit the Amalfi Coast. Or stay and explore the city’s
long and eventful history before enjoying a leisurely stroll along Salerno’s
stunning Lungomare Trieste (seafront promenade), which rivals those of
the French Riviera.



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