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With Costa you’ll find fun activities and events for all ages from morning to night. Enjoy the charm of the cruise itself by taking time to relax in a deck chair and take in the entire ocean. Tailor make your own perfect vacation and spend it any way you please.

  • Special Departure: 16 December 2017


    • Halal Grand Venetian Menu
    • Family Motivation Talk
    • On-board entertainment & fun activities
    • Fitfab fitness activities by Haslinda Ali

DAY 1: DAY 1: Singapore - 16 December 2017

Departure 10:00pm

Check-in at the Harbourfront Cruise Terminal; ready for a Venetian themed experience cruising with a spectacular seaview on Costa Victoria!   You’ll be welcomed by Sujimy & Haslinda’s family, along with Sheila Rusly, Ustaz Zahid Zain and Janna Nick on this memorable getaway!

Meals Plan: Meals On Board

DAY 2: DAY 2: At Sea - 17 December 2017

Start your day with Fajr Motivation and Prayers.  mp up your daily morning fitness exercise that is exclusively led by Coach Haslinda Ali FitFab to boost your energy to get through the day!  end the afternoon with an exclusive session that has never been done before with Ustaz Zahid Zain and Sheila Rusly for a special Family Motivational Talk just for our passengers on Costa Victoria!  Don’t forget to sum up the day with a delightful dinner and be prepared for other activities that are coming your way!   Join us in our daily Isyak prayer led by Ustaz Zahid Zain before the end of the day. 

Meals Plan: Meals On Board

DAY 3: DAY 3: Penang - 18 December 2017

Arrive 7:00am           Departure:12:59pm

Arriving at an island best known as the ‘Food Paradise’, Penang, you are all set for an adventure of Penang heritage and have a taste of their popular street food such as Nasi Kandar, Laksa Penang and Ikan Bakar!  (Free at Leisure) Observe the serenity and enlightenment of your morning with Fajr Motivation lead by Ustaz Zahid Zain and kickstart the day with Coach Haslinda of FitFab with some bustling morning workout to boost your metabolism, ready for the Venetian halal buffet spread during the rest of the day!

Don’t miss to join our Isyak prayer session to end the beautiful day.

Meals Plan: Meals On Board

DAY 4: DAY 4: Langkawi - 19 December 2017

Arrive 6:00am           Departure:11:59pm

 Rejoice in the usual Fajr Motivation and prayers as we look forward to another day of enjoyable activities awaiting you in Langkawi Island Gear up for a day where you can bond with your family at Langkawi beach with family activities such as snorkelling, parasailing, jet skiing and many more! Complete the day with a special performance by our invited celebrities, Janna Nick as well as Sheila Rusly, Sujimy dan Haslinda’s family with games to spice up your evening on the last night of this Venetian cruise with exciting gifts to be won! 

Meals Plan: Meals On Board

DAY 5: DAY 5: Singapore 20 December 2017

Arrive 2:00pm

 Home sweet home to the sunny city of Singapore right after our oceanary and breakfast experience on the cruise worthy of phototaking.  In no time, we will arrival Singapore at 1400 hr and bid goodbye to the amazing memories on board with Costa Victoria and CTC Travel!

Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch

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