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12Days Qinhai-Tibet Railway + Nyingchi (CXNTLC)

Lhasa / Shigatse / Xining / Nyingchi



  • LHASA: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor, Tibet museum, Yangpachen Geothermal Area Makye Ame-the legend of the 6th Dalai Lama’s Conclave
  • SHIGATSE: Yamdroktso, Gyantse, Tashilunpo Monastery, Kumbum Monastery, Divine Pagoda of Panchan Lama, Karola
  • XINING: Great Mosque (Dongguan Qingzhen Dasi), Kumbum (Ta’er) Monastery, Qinghai Lake, Daotang River
  • SIGHTSEEING TRAIN: Mt. Kunlun, Kekexili, Qinhai-Tibet Grassland
  • NYINGCHI: The Lake Basum – Tsu, the Old Pine, the Lulang forestry


  • Upon arriving at Tibet, doctors will be present to provide professional advice.
  • There will be free oxygen containers on board the coach in Tibet to provide oxygen if necessary.
  • A bottle of mineral water will be provided daily throughout the journey.


  • Highland Mushroom Steamboat
  • Tibetan style Western Meal
  • Tibetan Tsampa
  • Butter Tea
  • Tibetan style Yogurt
  • Yak meat
  • Highland Barley Wine
  • Tibetan flavour + Tibetan song and dance performances

DAY 1: Singapore - Chengdu

Assemble at Changi International Airport for your flight to Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province. Upon arriving, go to check in hotel for a good rest.

Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Meals On Board

DAY 2: Chengdu - Nyingchi

Today, take a domestic flight to Nyingchi. Nyingchi is also called “the Jiangnan of Tibet”. Nyingtri is a fantastic place with charming natural scenery, like green mountain slopes, snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear rivers, as well as the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon. Upon arrival, we will go to visit the Old Pine which is about 2500 years-old.

Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 3: Nyingchi

After breakfast, we will go to visit the Lulang forestry, where you can have a wide view of Mt. Namchak Borwa Range (average height is 7787m). Also we will hike along the amazing river.

Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 4: Nyingchi - Lhasa

In the morning, drive to Lhasa along the Yalong valley. On the way, we will see the Lake Basum – Tsu which is named as “Little Swissland” as there is a snow mountain, country lodge, evergreen forests, jungles and many other natural wonders. Then coach go Lhasa. We will arrive at the Sunlight City – Lhasa, a saint city with 1300 years of history. Take a good rest to acclimatize to the 3650m altitude.

Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 5: Lhasa

After breakfast, visit Lhasa's landmark, Potala Palace, a structure that deserves a place as one of the wonders of eastern architecture. In the afternoon, proceed to Jokhang Temple, the most revered religious structure in Tibet, and the surrounding area, Barkhor, Lhasa's pilgrimage circuit. This area is both the spiritual heart of Lhasa and the main commercial district for Tibetans. Also, we will visit the famous “Yellow House” Makye Ame. Legend has it that it is the 6th Dalai Lama’s Conclave.

Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 6: Lhasa - Yangpachen Geothermal Area - Lhasa

Travel northeast for about 100 kilometres and arrive at the Yangpachen geothermal area and enjoy the charming landscape on the grassland of northern Tibet which commands a wide view of Mt. Chenthangla Range (average height is 5300m). Marvel at the spectacular steaming hot springs and spouting geysers. You may enjoy a hot spring bath at your own expenses. Return to Lhasa to visit the Yak Museum of Tibet. This is the first Yak-themed museum in China. (Yangpachen altitude is about 4200m.)

Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 7: Lhasa – Gyantsee - Shigatse

After breakfast, drive 110km to visit Yamdroktso - one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. The winding road up to the mountain is bumpy and somewhat thrilling. After passing over the Kambala pass of 4900m, the lake finally appears. Seen from the summit of Kambala pass, the lake is a fabulous shade of deep turquoise. After that we will head to Shigatse. (Altitude is about 3860m.)

Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 8: Shigatse - Lhasa

In the morning, visit the residence of Panchen Lama, the Tashilunpo Monastery. Inside, you can see the Divine Pagoda of Panchan Lama. After visiting this magnificent monastery, head back to Lhasa along the Yarlong Tseangpo River, enjoying the great landscape en route.

Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 9: Lhasa - Xining

Today, take the most luxurious Sightseeing Train to Xining where we will spend a night on the train. The most luxurious Sightseeing Train crosses the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. we starts at Lhasa to end at Xining. Many stations are built near scenery spots. The most primitive vast highland scenery accompanies you throughout the train ride; see Mt. KunlunKekexili, and the Qinhai-Tibet Grassland and more. The route: Lhasa – Damxung – Nagqu – Amdo – Tuotuo River Grlmud - Xining. The meal on the train is at your own expense.

Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 10: Xining - Qinghai Lake - Xining

After about 22hrs of travelling, we will arrive Xining. Xining – the provincial capital of Qinghai province. On arrival proceed to Qinghai Lake, the shrine lake of Tibetans. The lake is famous for its pure water, clear sky and the mysterious sacred environment. Following which, we will take the route Tang Dynasty’s Princess Wencheng took when she visited Tibet, to see the Sun and Moon Hill from afar. We can also see the Sun Pavilion, Moon Pavilion and the Daotang River. Then back to Xining and visit Chinese Wolfberry Health Garden. (Altitude is about 2295m.)

Meals Plan: Lunch

DAY 11: Xining - Chengdu

After breakfast, proceed to the Great Mosque (Dongguan Qingzhen Dasi), which is not only the most ancient religious complex in town, but also is one of the most important mosques in northwest China. Next, we will visit the Kumbum (Ta’er) Monastery; its architecture infuses Han and Tibetan style, and it is also the birthplace of Zongkaba, the founder of Lamaism. Then we will take the coach to the Airport for your domestic flight to Chengdu. Upon arriving, go to the hotel to check in for a good rest.

Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 12: Chengdu - Singapore

After breakfast, we will take the coach to the Airport for your international flight back to Singapore. We hope you have enjoyed your vacation with CTC Travel.

Meals Plan: Breakfast


  • Taxes / Flight schedule subject to change.
  • Tour subject to confirmation.
  • 1). Additional Tour: RMB 460/adult, RMB 360/child (below 1.2m): Include: Tibetan singing and dance performance + Tibetan Mastiff farm + Tibetan Home Visits
  • Xining Optional Tour: RMB 200/adult, RMB 180/child (below 1.2m). Include: Dan Gar City + Northwest King Ma Bufang Mansion
  • 2). There are 3 shopping stops within whole journey.
  • 3). According to the railway operation, during the journey from Xining to Lhasa, it is not guaranteed that travellers from the same group using the hard sleeper (six per cabin) will be grouped together. Under the circumstance where travellers who requested but were unable to get soft sleeper (four per cabin), a refund of the price difference between soft and hard sleeper will be given.
  • 4). Customers with severe hypertension or cardiac problems are advised to refrain from joining the tour or seek professional advice before joining.
  • 5). In the event of unforeseen circumstances, CTC processes full discretion to change the tour sequence or cancel some itineraries. The company will not be responsible for any extra expenses occur due to the above situations. For any discrepancies in the English and Chinese versions of the itinerary, please use the Chinese copy as reference.
  • 6). Tipping: Tibet tour recommended RMB30 per person per day.

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