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Vist the great age of arts protected by Dragon of Treasure

Catch inspirations from the great Italian history of shipbuilding and shipping,borrow works of art, paintings and antiques of different times and put them on the cruise Embark on Costa Fortuna is a combination of the romantic dreams of great voyages,artistic passions of Renaissance and essence of Italian architecture.

Embark on Costa Fortuna is like setting foot on an Italian city filled up with the best works of art.The King of Sea Cernunus who controls all treasure in the world, is always accompanied by a red dragon who loyally guards the treasure for him.

With its protection, you will be covered with good luck while talking about arts with masters at sea and exploring the world.

Drink excellent Italian wine shipped by air with Da Vinci“Da Vinci”, the Italian cruise that took its first voyage in 1960, is perfectly presented here. There are over ten famous works of Da Vinci as well, including Mona Lisa. In the early afternoon, sitting on the chair wrapped by red velvet, leaning against the back of the chair made of ostrich skin, drinking wine and appreciating paintings, how lovely.

♠ Location: Leonardo da Vinci 1960 Salone deck 5 the back of the ship
















Tonnage                   103,000t                                   Decks                         13                                         Capacity                            3470
Length/width            272 m /33.5 m                         Cruising Speed         20 Knots                               Cabins                              1358

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