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Service Values

We remain courteous to our customers and to one another at all times.

We acknowledge and attend to our customers promptly.

We create a professional impression through our appearance, behavior and working environment.

We provide accurate and complete information to our customers.

We make things happen for our customers in the shortest time possible.

We seek to exceed customer's expectations and bring a smile to their face each time we interact with them.


I would like to commend CTC for having many friendly & helpful staff - from the consultant Gideon who have been patience with my numerous enquiries to the tour leader Michael who have made a difference to the trip. Michael was always attentive to the needs of the individual families and able to relate to the young and elderly in the group.

- Nancy Lim (Central Japan, 21th - 27th June 2015)

Don has provided excellent service from the basics of making tour group members feel at ease, to sending clear instructions and ensuring everyone is "in synergy" from start to end point.

The extraordinary feeling that Don gave us resembled to that of a "big brother" that was all out to take care of his "family" ensuring that they were well fed, made safe and kept happy. Don is a must have inclusion for group tours!

- Nicholas Chua (Korea, 28th May - 4th June 2015)



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