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Service Values

We remain courteous to our customers and to one another at all times.

We acknowledge and attend to our customers promptly.

We create a professional impression through our appearance, behavior and working environment.

We provide accurate and complete information to our customers.

We make things happen for our customers in the shortest time possible.

We seek to exceed customer's expectations and bring a smile to their face each time we interact with them.


I would like to express my sincere appreciation towards Ms Yulce, for whom we were fortunate to have her as our tour manager on our recent trip.

She not only possesses the knowledge of the itineraries but earnestly attended to our needs and request efficiently. She exudes warmth, care and concern towards every member of the tour group. She showed exemplary professionalism beyond the call of duty. A big Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Teo Zi Hao (Henan, China, 8th - 15th Feb 2016)

Both my wife and I are very impressed and extremely satisfied with the kind of professionalism Mr Kelly Teo shown throughout the tour. He is very knowledgeable and knows very well his jobscope to enable us to have a smooth and happy holiday.  
My wife and I hope to see him as our tour manager again. 

- Kelvin Yong Meng Hwee (Finland, 30th Dec 2015 - 6th Jan 2016)



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