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Service Values

We remain courteous to our customers and to one another at all times.

We acknowledge and attend to our customers promptly.

We create a professional impression through our appearance, behavior and working environment.

We provide accurate and complete information to our customers.

We make things happen for our customers in the shortest time possible.

We seek to exceed customer's expectations and bring a smile to their face each time we interact with them.



 I was onboard with the Diamond Princess Cruise and it was our first time booking vacation through CTC Travel. I was lucky that my booking was handled by Lynette as the whole booking process was seamless and Lynette was very patient with my changes and necessary information to be provided for the booking. Details were also briefed to us clearly prior to the sailing date.
The whole experience of the cruise went well for me and my family. CTC Travel is fortunate to have this service-oriented staff to serve its customers. Kudos to her and her team onboard!


Jeremy Ho (Dec)

This email is with regard to the commendable service which my family has received from Eugene, the tour guide which has followed us from Singapore to Taiwan from 10 December to 17 December. Throughout the trip, Eugene has remained responsible for the safety and attendance of all the members of the tour group, always waiting for everyone to move off before moving off himself. He also calls all families after we are checked into new hotels to check if our rooms are in working order, as well as always offering to help everyone take photos -which would otherwise have been missed opportunities..
Your Sincerely,
Tan Xue Feng