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Service Values

We remain courteous to our customers and to one another at all times.

We acknowledge and attend to our customers promptly.

We create a professional impression through our appearance, behavior and working environment.

We provide accurate and complete information to our customers.

We make things happen for our customers in the shortest time possible.

We seek to exceed customer's expectations and bring a smile to their face each time we interact with them.




Dear management of CTC

I jus got back from Spain from the 14 days tour by don Yeo our tour guide.

He is indeed a very hardworking , helpful , thoughtful and responsible for all of us . His service is excellent .

We would recommend more people to take up CTC tours.

Yours faithfully

Fiona Ng and Angela Ng





I have just returned from a tour program of yours, 12d9n Spain, Portugal & Gibraltar, lead by Tour Leader Jimmy Lau. It has been our first time together to a tour to Europe and my previous tour experience (not CTC) to Japan wasn't really memorable. However, i have to say that this trip has really exceeded my expectations as the itinerary was eventful and sadly, the 12d9n passed all too quickly.


A special thanks to our Tour leader Jimmy Lau who was the one who made this trip such a successful one. He was extremely dedicated and meticulous, constantly being with us to ensure nothing could go wrong, from simple things like toilet breaks and meals to walking us through the entire airport. His planning was impressive as we were always smooth in our transitions from stop to stop and there was always some free time for photo taking and exploration which we were initially worried we would not have. I have also seen him taking care of special situations e.g. lost/spoilt luggage well. Despite the bus journeys in between cities being long, the time however passed quickly as Jimmy constantly kept us occupied with his jokes, refreshers and briefings on the past and future itinerary. We were amazed with his energy as he was always jovial and never lethargic. He even provided songs to ensure we can sleep well, DVDs as well as our favourite, BINGO (game)! Lastly, the tour bus driver Antonio was friendly, always punctual and helpful (in the middle of a stop he parked the bus at the side of the road for us to open our luggage despite the busy traffic conditions) and most local guides were engaging enough to provide us with much interesting history of the various sites.


All in all, both me and my girlfriend has had an exceptional holiday, with beautiful photos and much happy memories. CTC is now definitely our top choice now for our future tours! Thank you!