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Service Values

We remain courteous to our customers and to one another at all times.

We acknowledge and attend to our customers promptly.

We create a professional impression through our appearance, behavior and working environment.

We provide accurate and complete information to our customers.

We make things happen for our customers in the shortest time possible.

We seek to exceed customer's expectations and bring a smile to their face each time we interact with them.


I jus got back from Australia from the 8 days tour (2 Jun to 9 Jun). Would like to praise Terrence, our tour guide. He is very hardworking , helpful , thoughtful and responsible for all of us . His service is excellent . We would recommend more people to take up CTC tours.

Yours faithfully


Family 2


Hi CTC Travel,

First of all, I would like say a big thank you to CTC for arranging such a wonderful trip itinerary for us (10days NEw Zealand tour). I would appreciate if you could pass on my below compliments to our beloved Tour Leader, Woody.

Dear Woody,

On behalf of 24 tour members, we'd like to express our utmost gratitude to you for being our Tour Leader. We had such a great and memorable time with u from this 10 days trip. You're truly knowledgeable,  experienced and enthusiastic to make every single trip perfect and special for us. Your descriptions and translation of every site, scenery and history were so much fun, interesting and they're undoubtedly phenomenal!

You've definitely worked above and beyond the job requirements!

In many occasions, you've used your own pocket money to buy us additional tidbits, meals, wifi credits and etc just for the sake of fulfilling our demanding needs and to "pamper" us. We never felt you're just a Tour Leader, but u're  already part of us!

At the end of each day tour, instead of returning to your own room and taking rest, you've been so caring and restlessly there to ensure every member of us settled down well and your genuine concerns for everyone truly made us felt home despite we are far away from home. 

Ms Kong, one member of us who suffered from serious stomach flu had managed to recover speedily on the next day. Big thanks to your immediate assistance, decision & professional advice. It was already past mid-night 12am and you could have rested in your own sweet room but you did not and you chose to render immediate help and accompanied Ms Kong to the hospital for more than 2 hrs treatment (including waiting time).  Your genuine caring truly amazed and touched us deep inside our heart! 

We've been "showing-off" to our friends how fantastic and super hero our Tour Leader Woody was throughout the trip. Personally I have been joining so many group tours in the past, you definitely come up the best Tour Leader I have ever encountered. You are a great asset of CTC travel. I would strongly recommend CTC Travel and YOU to all my friends in future and looking forward to have you to be tour leader again in our next trip to Europe!! We missed you, Woody!!!

Best regards,


Gao Fei