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Our Service Culture

As we evolved over the years to meet the ever-changing demands of the travel industry, resilience, steadfastness and competence are values that we possess, and will always remain as part of our service culture.

While we constantly work to heighten the service standards of our staff and tour managers, for them to be well-versed and motivated to serve you, we also progressively develop itineraries to give you quality and customised tours, providing you a heritage of delightful experiences.

A prestige to uphold and A heritage to commemorate

Working with a global and dynamic network of partners, we remain committed to delivering the best travel experience to our clients. Going forward, we are committed to a heritage of true service, bringing our travellers around the world, embarking on delightful experiences and forging impeccable memories. Upholding our tagline, ‘The Heritage of Delightful Experiences’, we promise high levels of service standards to assure travellers a memorable vacation every time they travel with us.

Upholding A Heritage of Delightful Experiences

Founded on 2nd March 1990, CTC Holidays, situated at Chinatown Point, was motivated by the increasing desire of Singaporeans to travel and explore the world. Driven to build a business that revolved around happy travellers and memorable journeys, CTC Holidays offers well rounded travel services to several worldwide destinations.

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